Did you know?

SIPs have been around since the 1930’s.The first SIPs house was built in 1937 and it remained in use until 1988 when it was removed for an expanding university campus!

About Us

It began with one question: Why hasn’t home construction changed at all in the past 100 years? Consider, if I could resurrect my long dead grandfather, it would take him all of 15 minutes to learn how to use modern pneumatic tools. The rest of the home construction process today hasn’t changed much since he built homes in the early 1900’s.

If we built cars that way, we’d still be driving carburetor equipped cars and getting 10 mpg, with no airbags, no ABS brakes and no seatbelts either! Power windows would only be in science fiction movies!

Thus we focused on the home construction industry to help build a much better house, cheaper and faster. A change in building methods would be a major paradigm shift however. We discounted many other types of construction and realized that SIPs truly represent the best of both worlds: easily adapted, easily understood and easily assembled in the field…with benefits for the customers such as:

1.  A highly energy efficient SIPs home can use less than 50% of the energy compared to a stick built home.

2.  A home with no risk of black mould developing inside the walls.

3.  A home that is faster to assemble.

4.  A home that can cost less to build with SIPs vs. stick built.

And much more!

Want proof? Contact us, we can show it to you.

SIP house model


SIPs can easily be used in the building envelope from the foundation walls, all exterior walls and the roof. This provides an exceptionally well insulated building envelope that can be assembled in much less time than a traditional stick built structure.