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SIPs have been around since the 1930’s.The first SIPs house was built in 1937 and it remained in use until 1988 when it was removed for an expanding university campus!

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Structural Insulated Panel Association

Be sure to review this website which is an
association of SIPs manufacturers. It can
provide a wealth of further information about


Wikipedia is a good source of information. Search on “SIPS” and follow the links for more details.

Insulation R Value – It’s Not What You Think – from www.stevemaxwell.ca

Watch and listen to Canada’s premiere handyman Steve Maxwell explaining in this podcast how exactly SIPs gain their tremendous energy savings and more! Less than 10 minutes long.

High Performance Homes That Use 50% Less Energy Than the DOE Building America Benchmark Building

This landmark study done by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA provides extensive details about the benefits of SIPs.

Built Green home certification

Read about Built Green home certification and more about energy efficiency. Strangely a search for “SIPs” on their website returns no results!

Whole-Wall R-Values