Did you know?

SIPs have been around since the 1930’s.The first SIPs house was built in 1937 and it remained in use until 1988 when it was removed for an expanding university campus!

SIPs Cabins:You can assemble!

We get a lot of requests for smaller buildings. We are now able to offer you the ability to order a ‘kit’ that you can assemble yourself very easily, constructed 100% with SIPs!

Take a common small cabin size: 10 X 12 feet. We include the following:

All special SIPs screws and washers, foam cans, buy/return for credit hot knife.

SIPs included: 4 1/2″ OSB/SmartSide exterior for all walls. 4 1/2″ OSB/OSB for the roof and the same for the floor. All precut and ready to assemble. If you have your windows, let us know the sizes and we will precut the SIPs for you to simply pop the windows into place, otherwise we show you how to cut out windows/door easily.

Our price is only $4,995. Tax/es and delivery are extra.

Compare to well over $10,000 and that’s for stud construction, no floor, etc…